Vi*taille\, n. [See Victuals .] Food; victuals. [Obs.] --Piers Plowman. Chaucer.

That seemed to make sense food fit for us! By now you've figured out what this site is about, FOOD!  I've enjoyed cooking for many many years all the way back to when I was old enough to figure out that if you put things on the stove top, like paper napkins :), that amazing things happen.  I created this site first with just a few things on my personal homepage and decided that in order to really take full use of the internet to express my great passion of the culinary world I set out to find my own little corner in the internet.... What you mean,, are taken?  Guess I should have figured that one out before I even tried. LOL.. Well I did a little research into what I wanted for the site and what I though others may come to expect from it.  I then sought out a good name, an original name for my site.  Since what I really want to share with others is a broad spectrum of ideas, recipes, definitions,... ANYTHING about FOOD!  Since I was schooled and certified in a Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, I felt the name should be French if possible.  So here it is

I hope to share with anyone visiting this site my passions for the food industry, and cooking in the home.  I started getting more serious about this site when I started school and hope to add more and more information while continually working to make it more organized and beneficial to the masses.. I hope you find it usefull, and if you would like to see something more on this site or have suggestions, simply send me a buzz!

Chef Chris Meek