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 Channel #Vitaille 8-10-2005

Cookbook v2 Addon click picture to enlarge screenshot*

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Download V2 2313 total downloads since 8-12-2005

About Cookbook

Cookbook is a script that allows the sharing of recipes through a central database... Updates to the database accessed from mirc are processed daily ... updates to this site are processed at minimum once a week.  You can also submit a picture for your recipe and to someone else's recipe if there is not one posted yet.
Cookbook v2 release August 12 2005
Its been a while since the last release but it was necessary to make some changes.
with now over 500 recipes updates for users for their recipes is lengthy and uses
bandwidth from my web site... To correct this users now are able to connect up to my
channel and update all there recipes by downloading one file through a popup option or
f4. This will make it much quicker to update your recipes.

Also added feature of
enabling incoming messages for recipe chat sessions in progress so you can come chat
and ask your culinary questions, share recipes for the next update and know that someone
will be there when you receive the message. As a result of these changes in how the script
works previous versions will no longer function when processing updates.

Version History

To suggest items or functions to be available in the next version just send an email.

Help With Cookbook

if you have a question please email  for support.  Your email will be answered.


Pente v1.0 Addon!

About Pente!

This Script allows you to play the game pente with other users through mirc!...  It also allows the playing of the game with someone else at your computer... This was my latest venture-challenge in scripting... While making this I tried tomake the script use as few global variables as possible (only 2 total in over 1000 lines of script).  The two that are used unset themselves after being used.  The grid contents are contained in an ini file created by the script itself.  A very cleanlycoded script if I do say so myself.  Comes with an uninstall function as well, plus install instructions. Enjoy!

Download Pente!

Autojoin - Autoidentify

This script is a nice dialog interface that allows you to configure channels you wish to autojoin.  In addition it has features for autoidentifying for you nick and/or channels you have.  Supports up to five different nicks at a time to easily change back and forth... also works with any chan or nick serv services that support format chanserv@services. etc.

Download Autojoin-Autoidentify

Message Control

This script helps you block unwanted spam from mirc through a simple dialog.

Download Messagecontrol

Mp3 Player v1.

;/// Personal Dj & mp3 player by Austral
;/// Contact
;//////////////////////////Setup Instructions///////////
;/// unzipfiles into main mirc dir. run mirc.exe 
;/// just copy and paste this into mirc status line //load -rs $findfile(" $+ $mircdir $+ ",mp3.mrc,1)
;/// Two seperate mp3 type players, the top for standard mp3 playing and channel advertising
;/// Has @locator which sends both @locate "file" and @find "file" for most file hits
;/// Volume controls plus stop play next, top mp3 player is set for continuous play
;/// bottom section "Personal DJ" allows for single playing on search results
;/// move files from search results into playlist for your own personal playlist
;/// personal playlist features random play from play list,
;/// loop playing of playlist, and a.r.a.p. "Auto Remove After Play" 
;/// which will remove the file from the playlist when played
;/// Hope you enjoy!!! feedback at welcomed :)

Download Mp3 Player v1.


A script that scans nicks joining a channel your an op in and kicks them if they are in any channel that matches the criteria of undesirables that you choose and kicks them if they are in such channels.  Easy to configure dialog interface.

Download Pervscan

Tat's Trivia Bot v3.21

To use this trivia bot, simply put the files in your mIRC directory.
At the status window type:

/load -rs trivscript.mrc

That'll start it up.